Monday, 14 April 2014


On Saturday, my small company turned 4 years old, hurrah! Thank you so much for supporting my work by your beautiful words, orders, hearts through Instagram and just following my tiny steps! They mean so much to me.

To celebrate, maybe a small give-away could be organised. Hopefully you like the idea! Please just leave a message here with your email address and you are playing the game! One will receive the Dandelion Wishes Journal published by the Chronicle Books with some of my greeting cards. Let´s play until the next Monday evening, the 21st. Good luck!

The journal is also available for purchase, of course.

Just a moment ago, I celebrated these lovely 4 years being an entrepreneur by finding a new friend. She is red and has two wheels. Happy new bicycle trips are waiting, eager to share our future journeys with you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Sunny evening walks in the most wildest bird concerts. Blackbirds, they do sing the perfect spring melodies. Washing laundry after weekend visitors, testing and checking coming duvet cover designs with more singing blackbirds.

You can find me now also on Instagram.

Sunny afternoon, a few exhibitions in town, tea outside, more friends.

Tickling and warming sun rays!

Monday, 31 March 2014


Flora memories of the Arctic from some years back and the melting ice scribbles from a week ago. On Saturday two swans swimming in open water behind windows.

Coffee cups in sunshine with friends, music and bicycling. Piles of unread newspapers forecast more sunny days ahead.

Welcome spring, though the winter can´t really leave us as she never completely came. 

Happy last day of March!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


A little snowstorm after sunny days. The light is still so enchanting, even through the snow. Balcony is filled already with grape hyacinths, one crocus and one daffodil. This song is like the weather today, whitening every moment, crispy and soft the same time. Fearless.

Radio is on, it is still early morning where it hums from. Songs for the sea and seamen, songs for the ones behind mountains. Songs that are surrounded by much lower birch trees.

Wooden Fence from a few years back as a wall muralduvet cover and pillow cases for Urban Outfitters, available now. To make a little birch forest inside your home. Hopefully you enjoy!

A little feature about my work in the new Finnish children's magazine Kidd.O Magazine (in English).

Thank you so much for visiting here and for your kind words! You are so many out there, all over the world.

Springtime snowstorm warmth!

(All the photos are by Urban Outfitters.)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014



What is inspiring you this spring?

For me it is the light that is reaching to every corner and tickling cheeks and wrapping its arms around the furthest of spots. The first afternoon nap in the balcony. The evenings when blackbirds sing in a nearby tree. The wind, even though it blows all the street dust and sand to eyes. Bicycling and the sunset reflection on frozen lakes. Reading about far-away places, checking maps of those places and plans about visiting those same far-away places. The phone calls and little messages. Knocks on the door. Taste of freshly baked bread. The truth that the wind will still turn. Most probably already this weekend. Maybe better not to store away all the winter clothes just yet. 

Waking up with the sun.

Tamah duvet sheet and pillow case designs of my In Meadow painting available at La RedouteMeadow dreams of sunshine tickling your nose. In Meadow available also as a print.

Soft dreams of early spring!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


On Friday evening the blackbirds were singing. On Saturday it was sunny. On Sunday it snowed. Behind our windows, someone was sewing a dress.

The pink and the rose curtains. The slowly waving shadows of trees. Friends 

The saltiness of the sea, the comfort of the sound of round pebbles.

Those little moments when you just listen and watch and see the history around.

The people, their houses and the fences. Their mail and the ones who would like to read it too.

Waking up in the sounds of snow, making the city so silent. Pancakes for breakfast.

Some familiar patterns.

On the way to a museum, the best pink and yellow art is seen.

Out from the museum, the best lime green art is seen.


Behind the sea I feel always so well.

Have a beautiful March!

(Last photo by Paula.)

Sunday, 23 February 2014


The light tickles green little spots to wake up while the first spring storm hums outside. Plans about summer plants, voyages, a pot of green tea and a pile of newspapers.

1. A little interview on The Epoch Times.
2. Scandinavian Dreams by Carrie.

Happy Sunday!